No person may hold themselves out as a public accountant or engage in public practice, either as a partner, director or person holding an equivalent position in a firm of public accountants, or as a sole practitioner from within the islands unless he is the holder of a valid licence issued by CIIPA under section 11 or 12 of the Act.

Public Practice is defined by the Act as the performance of public accounting services for profit or reward which means signing, affixing or associating one’s name or the name of the firm of public accountants of which one is a partner, director or the holder of an equivalent public position to any report or certificate expressing or disclosing an opinion on a financial statement based on an audit or examination of that financial statement or expressing assurance on a financial statement.

Minimum criteria for grant of a licence are:

  • Membership of CIIPA and good standing with Approved Institute
  • Committed to and accessible in the Cayman Islands
  • Competent and Capable for public practice in the position of engagement partner or equivalent

The qualification and conditions for licensing are necessary so that CIIPA may pursue its objects set out in the Act and its Articles of Association, and to meet its obligations as a member of the International Federations of Accountants to regulate its members for the benefit of the profession as a whole.

A Practitioner Member is a Regular Member who has been granted a licence pursuant to section 11 or 12 of the Act.

Application forms and helpsheets:

Please read carefully and submit form along with supporting documentation to

All licence applications go to the Membership and Licensing Committee for review and recommendation to Council for approval. Please note the following meeting dates (subject to change) for 2024:

16 January | 27 February | 19 March | 23 April | 14 May | 18 June | 16 July | 10 September | 15 October | 19 November | 10 December

Applications must be complete one week prior to meeting dates in order to be considered.


Matthew Adam Rankin Berkower (Cayman) 93
Ricardo Agrella PwC 142
Bilal Ahmed EY 103
Philip Alexander RSM 130
Jed AnchetaMoore Professional Services236


Anderson Grant Thornton 192
Paul Arbo BDO 9
Zubair Arieff KPMG 189
Dale Babiuk Deloitte 41
Michael Baker PwC 174
Justin Balkisson Deloitte 165
Jonathan Bartow EY 151
Andrew Bellfield EY 137
Serge Berube Deloitte 56
ChristopherBierschbachBerman Fisher230
Stephen Bird PwC 62
Marlon Bispath PwC 72
William Blair KPMG 96
Dana Boardsen Deloitte 166
Alexander Bodden RSM 68
Richard Boddice PwC 175
Charles Bolland PwC 3
Kevin Brett KPMG 145
Ross Budzynski PwC 167
Marco Calleja EY 102
Roderick Campbell Deloitte 168
Michael Carnahan KPMG 25
Marina-Adriana Caruntu EY 152
Hellen Chemeli -Mathenge KPMG 97
Jonathan Cohen KPMG 89
LouiseCookeGrant Thornton235
Mohammad CoowarRankin Berkower237
Sean Cowan KPMG 132
Diana CreciunPwC210
ShaneCurranBaker Tilly Cayman Ltd238
Candice Czeremuszkin Moore Professional Services Ltd. 118
Tara DavidsonEY200
Rachel Davis KPMG 135
Kelli Dawson PwC 134
Rupesh Daya KPMG 90
JerryDee Cohen & Company International Ltd219
Parmanan Deopersad PwC 82
Robert DeSouza KPMG 191
Joseph Domingo EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. 169
Francois du Toit PwC 148
Carolyn du Toit (nee Wilson) PwC 119
Jeandu ToitBaker Tilly Cayman Ltd211
Daniel Florek Deloitte 95
Lara Ford (Deysel) KPMG 117
Johannes FourieKPMG217 
Gautam Ganeshan KPMG 147
Christy  GausEY221
James George BDO 13
Harvey Gowers KPMG 146
Claire Griffin KPMG 106
Edward Gwekwete KPMG 104
JeremyHadley PwC204
Calvin Hall RSM 173
Gretchen Hammes KPMG 110
Mark Harris KPMG 76
MohammadHayatGrant Thornton193
Christopher Hirst PwC 162
Lucinda Hislop Deloitte 15
Richard Horton BDO 140
John Jabs Deloitte 171
Baron Jacob EY 69
Pierre JacobsGrant Thornton198
Jaclyn Jones KPMG 133
Daniel Jones KPMG 126
Jeffery  KellyMazars Limited201 
Dara Keogh Grant Thornton 61
Rennie Khan KPMG 74
Jackie Kirk PwC 163
Francois Lamontagne Deloitte 46
Siew Leung EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. 22
James Lewis EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. 120
Bruno Lewkowicz KPMG 149
Craig Linley EY 154
Ian Lomas EY 65
Miguel Lopez Baker Tilly Cayman Ltd 98
Michael Mannisto EY 2
Anel Marais KPMG 190
John Marrs Deloitte 150
Neil Maynard Crowe Cayman Ltd. 101
NiallMcAuliffe MHA Cayman197
Tanis McDonald KPMG 108
Ewan McGill Grant Thornton 184
Norman McGregor Deloitte 42
Paul McKechnie KPMG 157
Adam McSharry-DownieKPMG207
CleverMawarireMHA Cayman196
Wanda Mellaneo KPMG 50
Laurie Mernett Deloitte 75
Brian Munro PwC 185
Luke Murray KPMG 105
Rosamond Nolan EY 138
Emily Nooruddin PwC 164
Rickus Norval EY 159
ClaireO'DeaGrant Thornton199 
Greg O'Driscoll Grant Thornton 122
Sinead O'Reilly KPMG 178
Sean Parchment PwC 16
Michael PaulsonEY229
Damian Pentney PwC 17
Ahmad Phul BDO 186
Richard Pooley PwC 127
ElliotPowerPwC 215
Angela Pretorius Berman Fisher 141
Gordon Procter RSM 188
Gordon Rajamohan KPMG 60
Brian Rando PwC 79
Richard Reading Baker Tilly Cayman Ltd 73
LudwigRichter KPMG218
Charl Roux KPMG 181
Odette Samson Deloitte 40
Adonis Samson EY 136
Andrew Schofield KPMG 85
Varun Sharma KPMG 182
Naliaka Shaw-Korchynski EY 160
Jeff Short EY 31
Rohan Small EY 1
Peter Small PwC 44
Gideon Smit KPMG 158
Craig Smith PwC 67
Julia Smith PwC 187
Jan Snyman EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. 112
Muzaffar Soomro BDO 53
Andrew Stepaniuk KPMG 33
Graeme Sunley PwC 37
Lawrence Suter EY 180
Jonathan Ian Sy KPMG 125
Justin Thomas KPMG 116
Lawrence Usher Deloitte 179
Gerhardusvan RhynMazars Limited227
Veronica Vieira Rosinha KPMG 131
Richard WainwrightPwC 216
David Walker MHA Cayman 54
Dylan Watson KPMG 161
David Watt KPMG 77
RossWebbBaker Tilly212
Lauri Webster Baker Tilly US (Cayman) Ltd 92
ShannaWhittaker EY223
Yuri Williams KPMG 88
Robert Wilson RSM 183
Christopher Wiltshire BDO 172
Michael Yacyshyn Deloitte 123
Peter Young Young and Young CPA Ltd. 23
Samuel Young Young and Young CPA Ltd. 36

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