The Insolvency Practitioners Committee is charged with considering the effects of developments as they affect the insolvency practitioners who are CIIPA members. It provides the opportunity to discuss and exchange views amongst those involved in the insolvency arena.


The IPC reports directly to Council. The IPC is comprised of representatives from the membership with the aim of having at least four members. The IPC is chaired by a member of Council.


The IPC holds regular meetings to discuss action points to meet the objectives stated above. Matters requiring approval of Council will be put forth to Council by the Chair of the IPC. The Chair will report any feedback from Council to IPC. The IPC can, when needed, make use of ad hoc sub committees that may focus on specific industry issues. These sub committees each would have a Chair who would report to the Chair of the IPSC.


  • IPC does not perform a regulatory function
  • IPC may draft Guidance that will be submitted to Council for approval
  • IPC considers the implications of proposed changes in law, regulations and professional standards both on and off the island as they affect CIIPA members that are insolvency practitioners

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