Membership Engagement Committee

The committee is chaired by Laurie Mernett (Deloitte) and also includes Abubakar Nyanzi (CIMA), Kevin Huys (Rawlinson & Hunter), Karen Arce (EY), Shannon Foolchand (BDO), Warren Hartley (Maples), Taiti Hannington Kuria (MFS), Suzanne Scott (PwC) and Sarah Ramkhelawan (Harmonic). 

The Membership Engagement Committee (“MEC”) is charged with ensuring that CIIPA delivers value to its members with the aim of retaining current members and increasing overall membership.

The MEC will evaluate and propose initiatives and strategies for the benefit of all members and the profession.

The MEC consists of volunteers and staff who work together to support CIIPA’s objectives as follows:

a) promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of members and students in all matter relating to the business or profession of accountants;

b) promote, foster and maintain the highest standards of accounting in public practice, and commercial and private sector spheres;

c) safeguard and enhance the professional standing, interest and reputation of accountants who are members thereof;

(d) maintain the highest standards of professional etiquette and ethics among its members and encourage the observance of such standards among non-members;

(e) provide opportunities for discussion and exchange of views among its members, and students, whether or not they are engaged in the accounting profession;

(f) encourage and assist in providing increased facilities for the study of accountancy and related subjects and co-operate with bodies that are in pursuit of those objectives;.

The MDC will deliver its objectives through sub committees which will be evaluated and determined from time to time which will offer training, social events, member communications, membership discounts, digital engagement and will ensure the achievements of members are recognised.

The MEC reports directly to CIIPA Council. The MEC is comprised of volunteers from the membership. The MEC is chaired by a member of CIIPA Council.

The MEC holds monthly meetings to discuss action points to meet the committee’s objectives stated above. Matters requiring approval of Council will be put forth to council by the Chair of the MEC. The Chair of the MEC will then pass along any feedback from Council.


  • Contribute to the development of CIIPA’s strategy regarding training and membership, and develops and implements policies and processes to support CIIPA’s Strategic Objective #3-Providing Membership Development and Support
  • Review and update the MDC roles and responsibilities as outlined in the CIIPA Council Handbook
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of positive relationships between CIIPA and relevant stakeholders, including education and training providers, students, employers, government and other interested parties. Advises stakeholders so its policies remain relevant and are in line with national and international standards
  • Research, evaluate and inform CIIPA Council on issues of relevance to CIIPA’s membership
  • Contribute articles regularly on updates and issues relating to the profession while working closely with CIIPA staff to encourage membership engagement through the newsletter, website and social media
  • Work closely with the high schools, ICCI and UCCI to educate and mentor students for the purpose of sharing opportunities within the accounting profession, and more broadly to persons with an accounting designation

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