CIIPA is required to maintain a list accounting service providers (ASPs), and has been designated the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing supervisor for those service providers conducting 'relevant financial business' as defined in Schedule 6 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.  

Listed below are ASPs currently registered with CIIPA.  ASPs are required to maintain a current trade and business license and to renew their registration with CIIPA on an annual basis.  

Company Registration Date Reg. # 

A.M. Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd TA A.M. Office Services



Accountability Services Ltd



Accountancy Services Ltd.



Accounting Concepts Ltd



AMCO Financial Caribbean Limited 29-Jun-19  304
Better Bookkeeping & Accounting Services 08-Jul-19   305
Bookkeeping Concepts Cayman 07-Jul-19   306
Kroll (Cayman) Ltd. formerly Borrelli Walsh (Cayman) Ltd 08-May-19  307
Business Accounting Services Ltd 29-May-19  308
Cardales Cayman Limited 14-Jul-19  309
Char Accounting Services 07-Aug-19  310
Chris Johnson Associates Ltd 02-May-19  311
CJM Consulting (Cayman) Ltd 07-Oct-19  312
Cornwall Consulting 17-Jul-19  314
Dominion 11-Sep-19  315
FinCay Inc 16-May-19  316
FINdetail Ltd 02-May-19  317
FIS Professional Services Ltd 30-May-19  318

Fordsar (Cayman) Limited


George R. Ebanks Ltd T/A George Ebanks Consultancy & Bookkeeping 30-May-19  320
Go Pro Accounting 17-Jul-19  321
Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited 29-May-19  323
Hollingsworth Havlin & Co TA VLH Accounting 02-May-19  324

MK Accounting and Consulting



Precise Business Choice



SGC Limited



Smith & Tempral Ltd



Stak Bookkeeping Services


EY Cayman Ltd  19-Nov-19   333

WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Ltd



White Cloud Accounting Limited


FINCOR Ltd 1-Apr-19   336
Krys Global 09-Apr-20  337
All Accounting Services Ltd T/A Account X 13-Apr-20  340
Andrea Denise Hughes T/A 09-Apr-20  341
LA Accounting and Consulting Services 15-Apr-20  342
Chen Perkins Accounting & Corporate Services Ltd 20-Apr-20  343
Balance BWI Ltd 19-Apr-20  344
Artemis Consultancy Ltd  28-Apr-20  346
Acumen Accounting & Consulting Services 29-Apr-20   347
Rawlinson & Hunter Services 29-Apr-20  349
FFP Limited  24-Apr-20   350
Interpath (Cayman) Limited formerly Kalo (Cayman) Limited 30-Apr-20  351
Alvarez & Marsal Cayman Limited 29-Apr-20   352
BDO CRI (Cayman) Ltd 28-Apr-20   353
Crowe Cayman Ltd 13-May-20  355
PGS Ltd 12-May-20   356
Alma Admin Solutions (AAS) formerly WMO Bookkeeping Services 15-May-20  357
Cayman Corporate Services 17-Feb-20  358
HLB Berman Fisher 16-Jan-19  359
Kroll Advisory (Cayman) Ltd. formerly Duff & Phelps (Cayman) Limited  15-May-20  361
Coastroad Financial Limited  19-May-20   362
R&H Restructuring (Cayman) Ltd  20-May-20   363
FTI Consulting (Cayman) Ltd  25-May-20   364
Giosino Colaiacovo T/A Cayman Professional Accounting Services (CPA Services)  26-May-20   365
Quantuma (Cayman) Ltd formerly Alchemy (Cayman) Ltd t/a Alchemy 13-Nov-20  366
Catalyst Accounting  01-Dec-20   367
Ogier Global (Cayman) Limited 11-Jan-21  368
Expertise Group Limited  26-Feb-21   371
Abraham Mathew T/A Abraham Mathew 01-Mar-21   372
Omni Cayman Ltd  01-Mar-21   373
James C. Parsons T/A ANCHOR Business Consulting  01-Mar-21   376
Accounting & Enterprise Solutions Ltd 10-Mar-21  377 
H&C Corporate Services Limited 26-Mar-21  378
Amy L. Wiggins T/A Amy L. Wiggins 19-May-21  379
Karen Barnett-Scott T/A KL Associates 18-Jun-21  380
RS Global Accounting & Corporate Service Ltd  21-Jun-21   382
DM Financial (Cayman) Limited (formerly Doran and Minehane (Cayman) Limited) 04-Aug-21  383
Link International  09-Aug-21  384 
Creative Ideas & Services T/A Custom Accounting Solutions 20-Aug-21  385
Atlas Cayman Ltd  01-Sep-21   386
CML Recruitment 21-Sep-21   387
Teneo (Cayman) Limited 25-Jan-22  388
Karen A. Scott Cole T/A Peace of Property 14-Feb-22   390
Optimum Resources Ltd 02-Mar-22   391
Milaney Garwood T/A MDG Business Solutions 09-Mar-22  392
Rohan R. Lawrence T/A Consult Law 09-Mar-22   393
Raphael Thomas T/A Success Financial Solutions Agency 10-Mar-22  395
iMaps Servicing Ltd 09-Aug-22  396
Autonomous Limited  28-Oct-22  397
Beyond The Bottom Line Ltd T/A The Bottom Line  11-Aug-22   398
Bookwizer Limited T/A Bookwizer  18-Jan-22   399
DS Development Ltd T/A DS Business Consulting  24-Mar-22   400
Metabase58 Cayman Limited 03-Apr-23  401
Deloitte 7-Nov-19  402
PwC Corporate  1-Feb-19  403
Renita Schouten2-Dec-23  404
EisnerAmper Advisory Cayman Ltd16-Feb-24  405
Arenite Cayman Limited 14-Mar-24  406
Panthera Investment Management Limited10-May-24  407
IMS Liquidations Ltd. 22-May-24  408

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