The AML Regulations require all Accountancy Firms (public practice and non-public practice) to register with CIIPA (even if not conducting relevant financial business).  Registration is valid for one year and is renewed annually.  

Below is the list of current registered firms with CIIPA.

Company Registration Date Reg. # 

A.M. Enterprises (Cayman) Ltd TA A.M. Office Services



Accountability Services Ltd



Accountancy Services Ltd.



Accounting Concepts Ltd



AMCO Financial Caribbean Limited 29-Jun-19  304
Better Bookkeeping & Accounting Services 08-Jul-19   305
Bookkeeping Concepts Cayman 07-Jul-19   306
Kroll (Cayman) Ltd. formerly Borrelli Walsh (Cayman) Ltd 08-May-19  307
Business Accounting Services Ltd 29-May-19  308
Cardales Cayman Limited 14-Jul-19  309
Char Accounting Services 07-Aug-19  310
Chris Johnson Associates Ltd 02-May-19  311
CJM Consulting (Cayman) Ltd 07-Oct-19  312
Cornwall Consulting 17-Jul-19  314
Dominion 11-Sep-19  315
FinCay Inc 16-May-19  316
FINdetail Ltd 02-May-19  317
FIS Professional Services Ltd 30-May-19  318

Fordsar (Cayman) Limited


George R. Ebanks Ltd T/A George Ebanks Consultancy & Bookkeeping 30-May-19  320
Go Pro Accounting 17-Jul-19  321
Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited 29-May-19  323
Hollingsworth Havlin & Co TA VLH Accounting 02-May-19  324

MK Accounting and Consulting



Precise Business Choice



SGC Limited



Smith & Tempral Ltd



Stak Bookkeeping Services


EY Cayman Ltd 19-Nov-19  333

WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Ltd



White Cloud Accounting Limited


Finance and Corporate Services 1-Apr-19   336
Krys Global 09-Apr-20  337
Denise Montieth T/A DWM Bookkeeping 10-Apr-20  339
All Accounting Services Ltd T/A Account X 13-Apr-20  340
Andrea Denise Hughes T/A 09-Apr-20  341
LA Accounting and Consulting Services 15-Apr-20  342
Chen Perkins Accounting & Corporate Services Ltd 20-Apr-20  343
Balance BWI Ltd 19-Apr-20  344
Artemis Consultancy Ltd  28-Apr-20  346
Acumen Accounting & Consulting Services 29-Apr-20   347
Rawlinson & Hunter Services29-Apr-20 349
FFP Limited 24-Apr-20  350
Kalo (Cayman) Limited30-Apr-20 351
Alvarez & Marsal Cayman Limited29-Apr-20  352
BDO CRI (Cayman) Ltd28-Apr-20  353
Crowe Cayman Ltd13-May-20 355
PGS Ltd12-May-20  356
Alma Admin Solutions (AAS) formerly WMO Bookkeeping Services15-May-20 357
Cayman Corporate Services17-Feb-20 358
HLB Berman Fisher16-Jan-19 359
Ironcove Investments II Ltd15-May-20 360
Kroll Advisory (Cayman) Ltd. formerly Duff & Phelps (Cayman) Limited 15-May-20 361
Coastroad Financial Limited 19-May-20  362
R&H Restructuring (Cayman) Ltd 20-May-20  363
FTI Consulting (Cayman) Ltd 25-May-20  364
Giosino Colaiacovo T/A Cayman Professional Accounting Services (CPA Services) 26-May-20  365
Quantuma (Cayman) Ltd formerly Alchemy (Cayman) Ltd t/a Alchemy13-Nov-20 366
Catalyst Accounting 01-Dec-20  367
Ogier Global (Cayman) Limited11-Jan-21 368
Hash Ltd  28-Jan-21 369
Expertise Group Limited 26-Feb-21  371
Abraham Mathew T/A Abraham Mathew 01-Mar-21  372
Omni Cayman Ltd 01-Mar-21  373
James C. Parsons T/A ANCHOR Business Consulting 01-Mar-21  376
Accounting & Enterprise Solutions Ltd10-Mar-21 377 
H&C Corporate Services Limited26-Mar-21 378
Amy L. Wiggins T/A Amy L. Wiggins19-May-21 379
Karen Barnett-Scott T/A KL Associates18-Jun-21 380
RS Global Accounting & Corporate Service Ltd 21-Jun-21  382
DM Financial (Cayman) Limited (formerly Doran and Minehane (Cayman) Limited)04-Aug-21 383
Link International 09-Aug-21 384 
Creative Ideas & Services T/A Custom Accounting Solutions20-Aug-21 385
Atlas Cayman Ltd 01-Sep-21  386
CML Recruitment21-Sep-21  387
Teneo (Cayman) Limited25-Jan-22 388
Karen A. Scott Cole T/A Peace of Property14-Feb-22  390
Optimum Resources Ltd02-Mar-22  391
Milaney Garwood T/A MDG Business Solutions09-Mar-22  392
Rohan R. Lawrence T/A Consult Law09-Mar-22  393
iMaps Servicing Ltd09-Aug-22 396
Autonomous Limited 28-Oct-22 397
Beyond The Bottom Line Ltd T/A The Bottom Line 11-Aug-22  398
Bookwizer Limited T/A Bookwizer 18-Jan-22  399

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