Membership of CIIPA is conditional on continuing obligations. 

Regular Members and Licensed Practitioners are expected to act in accordance with applicable technical, professional and ethical standards. 

Members are also expected to maintain their professional knowledge and skill at a level required to ensure their services are in line with current developments in practice, legislation and techniques. 

CIIPA offers a number of training opportunities throughout the year to assist members with this obligation.

CPD Requirements

The CPD requirements are prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Accountants (Application for Membership) Regulations.

For further guidance on meeting the requirements in Schedule 2 see Helpsheet-Meeting CPD Requirements.

Monitoring CPD

Each year, CIIPA takes a randomly selected sample of its Regular and Practitioner Members and requires that their CPD record and supporting evidence be submitted for review. In the event that deficiencies are identified, CIIPA seeks to support the member in rectifying the deficiency; however, if the member disregards the requirement, the matter will be referred to investigation, and disciplinary action may be considered. 

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