According to the Institute's Memorandum and Articles of Association, CIIPA is established to regulate and promote the interests of the public accounting profession in the Cayman Islands and its objects are to:

  • govern the discipline, and regulate the professional conduct of its members
  • promote and protect the welfare and interest of the Institute and the accounting profession
  • promote and increase the knowledge, skill and proficiency of members and students in all things relating to the business or profession of accountants
  • promote, foster and maintain the highest standards of accounting in public practice, and commercial and private sector spheres
  • safeguard and enhance the professional standing, interest and reputation of accountants who are members thereof
  • maintain the highest standards of professional etiquette and ethics among its members and encourage the observance of such standards among non-members
  • provide opportunities for discussion and exchange of views among its members, and students, whether or not they are engaged in actual practice
  • encourage and assist in providing increased facilities for the study of accountancy and related subjects and cooperate with bodies that are in pursuit of those objects
  • associate with any regional or international body having objects similar to those of the Institute to further the interests of the profession

CIIPA is the body authorised and responsible for the licensing of public accountants in the Cayman Islands. It also admits accountants who are not in public practice, but it is not mandatory for those to be a member of CIIPA in order to work as an accountant in the Cayman Islands.


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