CIIPA honours young Caymanians’

academic achievements at 14th-annual Awards Gala


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In brief:  

• 40 Caymanians honoured for reaching academic milestones in their accounting careers

• Claire O’Dea (Rising Star), Stuart Broad (Outstanding Member) and Charles Bolland (Pioneer) received individual awards

• 14th-annual Awards Gala was CIIPA’s second of 2022 due to COVID-19 postponements

George Town, Cayman Islands, 28 September 2022


Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants leaders lauded 40 young Caymanians who reached academic1)	CIIPA Chief Executive Officer Sheree Ebanks delivers a speech during the 14th-annual CIIPA Awards Gala Saturday (24 Sept.) at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa.  milestones in their respective accounting careers during the 14th-annual CIIPA Awards Gala Saturday night (24 Sept.) at the Kimpton Seafire Resort.

Three special awards were also presented, with Claire O’Dea picking up the Rising Star Award, Stuart Broad the Outstanding Member Award and Charles Bolland the Pioneer Award.

“This has been an unprecedented couple of years,” CIIPA Chief Executive Officer Sheree Ebanks said. “Due to the pandemic, we postponed both the 2020 and 2021 events, so we have played catch up this year, [this] being our second gala [of 2022]. This, in and of itself, is no small feat. What is, however, encouraging to me is we’ve recognized more than 80 Caymanians for their academic achievements. So congratulations to all of you, we know how tough these few years have been.”


Bachelor’s Degree

Adrian Anglin

Alan Cubas

Amanda Alexander

Bal Watler

Brady-Ann Wilmot

Darado Thompson

Esther Bodden

Evronique Parker

Giveanie Simpson

Janelle Woods

Josh Bolland

Josue Luis Sanchez-Ebanks

Kadie Scott

Kara Scott

La-Shauna Nichols

Maya Smith

Miriam Foster

Najee Mais

Raidez Perez

Shakina Edwards

Shequita Lynch

Taurean Cox

Master’s Degree

Alison Turner

Amanda Alexander

Ashley Ritch

Dane Campbell

Evronique Parker

Michael Bodden

Raidez Perez

Ravyn Rankin-Grant

Taurean Cox

Professional Qualification

Alison Turner, CPA

Antonia Aguayo, ACCA

Ashley Ritch, CPA

Daniel Murphy, ACCA

Douglas Scharringhausen, CPA

Emma Dulles, ACCA

Francella Martin, ACCA

Iain McCallum, CPA

Jessica Samadi, CPA

Kevin Weber, CPA

Kimberly David, CPA

Michael Bodden, CPA

Ravyn Rankin-Grant, CPA

Rayshawn Connor, CPA

Robyn Downy-Sanderson, ACCA

Rochel Gardener, CPA

Sean Murphy, ACCA

Shantae Hamilton, CPA

“I feel a sense of security about the future of the profession in the Cayman Islands,” CIIPA President Rennie Khan told the audience. “Honourees, the formula for success is already hard wired in you. … I remind you to be mindful of yourCIIPA President Rennie Khan, right, hands the Pioneer Award to recipient Charles Bolland during the 14th-annual CIIPA Awards Gala Saturday night (24 Sept.) at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa. environment. Strive for continuous learning — not only from academia but from life lessons — focus on your commitment as your process gets you to your goal and always double down on yourself.”

During the evening, Ebanks also recapped some of CIIPA’s achievements throughout the year, including its work as Cayman’s anti-money laundering regulator for the accounting industry, its planned 2023 launch of a joint examination scheme with the ACCA and its progress in the ESG space, including a recent webinar CIIPA co-hosted with Rewired Earth as part of Climate Week NYC.

Click here to view the gala in full.



For 50 years, CIIPA has worked to further the public interest by providing oversight to the accounting profession. The organisation is committed to promoting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, while supporting the growth of the profession. CIIPA is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the worldwide organisation representing the profession, and prides itself on its role as both an educator and regulator in the financial services industry.

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