Communicating Effectively in the Workforce

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"If you do not understand how communication works, then you may become perplexed and frustrated by interactions in the workplace. On the other hand, if you understand how communication works, then you have a good chance of diagnosing and fixing communication problems. Best of all, you can influence and motivate your employees, make better decisions, negotiate more effectively, build better work teams, and accomplish business objectives. This CPE course discusses the various forms of communication and how to match the message to the audience, persuade and prevent conflicts." Learning Objectives: "Distinguish and use effective communication strategies. Recognize the significance of our words and their meanings Differentiate the components of the verbal competence model Use nonverbal communication effectively in the workplace Determine the different styles of communication Recognize the significance and benefits of listening Distinguish among the various difficult communication patterns" CPE: 6 (NASBA) Level: Basic

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