Cost and Return: Professional Ethics in Business

Research and activity in the field of business ethics and sustainability, the growing influence of investors, consumers, employees and wider society, all point to the necessity of embedding wider ethical considerations into strategy and performance measurement. The last few years have highlighted the costs of acting unethically, with a spate of business failures, high public distrust and now, increasingly, public protest against corporate and government misdemeanours. Management accountants have a specific role in not only upholding their related institutes' code of ethics, but also in acting as a role-model and influencer in regard to ethical practice and promoting responsible business for the long term.

Field of Study: Behavioural Ethics
Level: Basic
CPE Hours: 2
Product Number: 159891

Professional Ethics: 2017 Update and Refresher

This CPE course will update you on the new and revised ethical requirements that have been adopted during the past year or were being proposed or considered at the time this CPE course was developed. It will also provide a brief refresher on important ethics requirements, which will help ensure that your services are performed with integrity and objectivity, and, where required, independence.

Field of Study: Behavioural Ethics
Level: Update
CPE Hours: 2.5
Product Number: 159437

Real-World Business Ethics for CPAs in A&A

This CPE course provides case studies drawn from real-life situations involving CPAs in accounting and auditing practices. Take a proactive, risk-avoidant stance by identifying common pitfalls and presenting alternative courses of action. Explore ethical issues in the context of actual regulatory and court proceedings that were resolved both in favour of and against A&A professionals in public practice. Study real-world A&A cases that explore the professional responsibilities of engagement and engagement quality review partners, managers, and staff in the context of key A&A ethical matters.

Field of Study: Behavioural Ethics
Level: Intermediate
CPE Hours: 7
Product Number: 163802

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